On Thursday 27th of October 2016, ECODISTR-ICT held its final conference at the premises of Lindner hotel in Antwerp. The participants had the opportunity to witness a live demonstration of the Integrated Decision Support System (IDSS) and its modules which were developed by the partners of ECODISTR-ICT for the cases of Antwerp and Warsaw and get a good impression of the tools capabilities to support the decision making process for a district scale renovation.

Then, guest speakers from Woonhaven and the city of Antwerp provided feedback on the case studies presented as well as the policy instruments that are used for such projects in general. Moreover, keynote speakers from Bostoen, TNO, Omgeving and NVDR gave their insights on district renovation related topics such as the technical challenges of district retrofits, the use of data and software for urbal renewal as well as the relevant design aspect for district retrofits.

Overall, the demonstration from the consortium members on the IDSS as well as the presentations from the other participants made for a very interesting event with fruitful conversations and exchange of ideas on the topic of district retrofits and created grounds for potential further collaborations.

Finally, we would like to thank all the partners for the collaboration on the project and for contributing towards this successful event. It was a very creative experience which led to very useful knowledge and a very interesting product as a result.

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