The ECODISTR-ICT project is happy to announce that the Integrated Decision Support System platform (IDSS) is online and ready to be used to support decision-making processes for district renovation. Check out the IDSS here:

The platform allows bringing together multiple stakeholders in a single online environĀ­ment in order to overcome the current fragmentation, and thus reach a jointly supported vision for the district. It provides trustworthy insights on costs and benefits of various design alternatives, taking into account the entire life cycle of the buildings, as well as environmental and social impacts at district level. The platform operates on different scales and can process data both on district and building level. Using its crowd-sourcing feature, local inhabitants can be engaged to gather data of their district.

To use and understand the IDSS, the ECODISTR-ICT project has prepared Wiki guidelines. The information in the Wiki includes guidelines for users on how the calculation and supporting modules included in the Ecodistr-ICT IDSS platform operates. The guidelines include purpose and background information, including references that could be useful for a user of the modules. The guidelines state the basic methodology behind the modules and what the outcome (Key Performance Indicators) are. If the user has an interest to use the module the input data needed is listed as well as instructions on how to get started. The supporting modules have web interfaces and the guidelines therefore include step by step instructions explaining the functionalities of these applications.

Check out the guidelines for supporting modules here: Check out the Wiki section here:

To further clarify how the IDSS can be used, the ECODISR-ICT project has developed instructional videos. Check out the videos here:



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