On March 9, White (process facilitator) in collaboration with SP (technical facilitator) organized a final workshop for the Stockholm case-study as part of the Ecodistr-ICT project. The workshop was held at the Telge Hovsjö offices. Stakeholders present included Telge Hovsjö housing company (4 representatives) and Telge Nät (energy company). The main goal of the workshop was to present the Ecodistr-ICT project results, while engaging Hovsjö’s attention on the benefits of the developed decision-support (IDSS) tool.

A brief introduction of the project was given before focusing on the different KPI’s that had been preselected in separate meetings with the stakeholders. The municipality of Södertälje was also represented in the figures though they could not attend the workshop.

Along with the IDSS tool, the session facilitators used a slideshow as a medium to visualize results. The group of stakeholders (which included representatives of Telge Nät – an energy company) was active with questions, wanting to understand how the Ecodistr-ICT tool worked. In total, five different modules were used: Energy, Life Cycle Costs, Life Cycle Analysis, Green and Affordability. The Green and Energy modules gained the most interest, mainly because the results had visual content.

Before commencing the workshop process, different alternatives had been suggested, ranging from energy efficiency measures to new buildings and actions regarding green criteria. To compare different alternatives, a Multi-criteria multi-stakeholder multi-variant module (MCMSMV-module) was used and the results were discussed with the stakeholders. In the end, they also provided the team with valuable feedback for further development within the Ecodistr-ICT project.

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