Han Vandevyvere, the Ecodistr-ICT project coordinator, participated in SBE16 Torino on the invitation of conference co-organizer FASUDIR. FASUDIR and Ecodistr-ICT, being sister projects that are financed through the same FP7 funding scheme, keep open direct communication lines and assist to each other’s public events where appropriate for mutual exchange.

At SBE16, FASUDIR demonstrated its state of affairs in developing its Integrated Decision Support Tool. While dealing with the same challenge, FASUDIR and Ecodistr-ICT are developing approaches that can be considered complementary. FASUDIR focuses more on technical depth and completeness within a single integrated software environment, whereas Ecodistr-ICT has opted for a modular and flexible, stakeholder oriented decision platform that can plug in both internal and external software modules.

FASUDIR also chaired a special session on Assessment and Decision Making at Urban Scale – Opportunities for Synergies at European Level. This was a roundtable discussion between EU projects, including CABEE, CLUE, FASUDIR, NewTREND, Ecodistr-ICT, Optimus, CESBA Alps, Transform, Odysseus and CatMed. One main discussion theme was about common indicator sets. Work on it will be continued.

For more information:
· FASUDIR, Friendly and Affordable Sustainable Urban Districts Retrofitting, http://fasudir.eu/
· Towards post-carbon cities, SBE16 Torino, 18-19 February 2016, http://sbe16torino.org/

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