About Us

The ECODISTR-ICT project is funded by the European Union through the Seventh Framework Programme. It is coordinated by VITO and involves Arup, Bipolaire Arquitectos, CSTB, Omgeving, Sigma Orionis, SP, Strusoft, TNO, VABI and White.

The ECODISTR-ICT project aims at developing an integrated decision-support tool that facilitates decision making on the retrofitting and renewal of existing districts and their composing buildings.

It will connect the main decision makers in urban district transformation programmes, acting from different perspectives, with different time scales, to reach a coordinated approach that joins building retrofitting with district renovation.

It will provide trustworthy insights on (i) retrofitting and renewal projects, (ii) the associated costs and benefits over the life cycle of the buildings, and (iii) the impacts on resource efficiency, social aspects, indoor and outdoor quality of buildings and districts, and other environmental concerns.

The ECODISTR-ICT tool will be tested in five demonstration sites located in Belgium, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland.