In the frame of the ECODISTR-ICT project, several workshops are organised to gather stakeholders, discuss their views and define ambitions for the Rubroek neighbourhood in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The first workshop organised in November 2014 focused on the presentation of the Integrated Decision Support System’s (IDSS) mock-up. In parallel, the aspect of building measures for energy use has been reflected. One of the outputs of the workshop was the formulation of key performance Indicators (KPIs), clustered into four categories:

  • climate resilience and sustainability,
  • social aspects,
  • added value, and
  • participative processes,

to involve the inhabitants and stakeholders of the concerned areas.

The prosperous and engaging workshop once more underlined that besides ensuring the highest possible quality of the technical aspects also social aspects need to be well considered and included in every decision-making.


The follow-up workshop held in February 2015 built on the outcomes of the first one. The participants dealt with the general ambitions of the project, formulating some scenarios and visions and finally some decisions for the Rubroek neighbourhood.

Three aspects, based on the KPIs formulated during the first workshop, have been tackled in depth:

  • Climate adaptation: flooding from excess rain is a risk in this area, hence more and safer water retention is needed;
  • Social aspects: currently, on the liveability index, the performance of Rubroek is slightly better than the Rotterdam average, though the downward potential of the neighbourhood is larger than the upward potential;
  • Energy infrastructure: the natural gas infrastructure of Rotterdam has reached the end of its life cycle, which leaves the stakeholders in the district with the choice to either replace the existing system or opt for another energy carrier (e.g. district heating).

These aspects will be further investigated during the next workshop on the 16th of April 2015, leading to a final session planned for June. During this final session, the demonstration of the IDSS will provide the key stakeholders with fundamental insights to support their decisions.

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