On Tuesday June 30th, a workshop was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in order to publicly launch the beta version of the ECODISTR-ICT decision support tool.

Several local stakeholders gathered, with the mutual goal to collaborate on a sustainable future for the Rubroek district in Rotterdam.
The stakeholders comprised multiple departments of the city administration, the housing cooperation Havensteder, as well as the utility grid operator and not-for-profit organization Buurtlab with strong connections to local inhabitants.
In an interactive workshop, the ECODISTR-ICT decision support tool and the first calculated results for the case study location were presented. The demonstration caused a lively discussion on how the tool can benefit and be integrated into an actual collaborative urban retrofitting process.

First demo of IDSS tool at Rubroek district Rotterdam

Hence, the first demonstration of the ECODISTR-ICT decision support tool can be seen as a great success. A large number of useful feedback has been collected during the workshop thanks to the stakeholders that participated. The ECODISTR-ICT consortium is looking forward to the second meeting of the case study group in September.

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