The first meeting with the neighbours of Campanar took place in Valencia on Saturday, May 17th. The intention of the workshop was to present the ECODISTR-ICT project and to collect the public perception on the present and possible future of the district of Campanar.

The event was held at the Senior Center of Campanar and lasted 4.5 hours. It consisted in a brief project presentation and a work session in groups with the aim of generating two scenarios:
– Positive Scenario, in which the neighbours’ desires realize.
– Negative Scenario, in which the neighbours’ fears realize.

We registered 15 attendees, which consisted mainly in members of the Associació de veins de Campanar (Neighbours’ association). Nevertheless, participation of other non-members was also observed (architecture students, members of other associations such as Falla Castielfabib, individuals, etc.).

For this event, Bipolaire collaborated with the team Fent Estudi, which coordinated and prepared the workshop. The methodology used at the workshop is an adaptation of the EASW (European Awareness Sustainability Workshop), which was elaborated by the Danish Institute of Technology and further developed by several works of the DG XIII European Commission, in the framework of the programs VALUE II and INNOVATION. This method has been developed in recent years in more than 50 European cities with a similar objective: how to define a more sustainable future for the city with the contribution of its inhabitants.

The next workshop will take place on Saturday, May 31st in order to reflect on the results of the first session and to transform these ideas into proposals for the future of the neighbourhood.

Below is a video summary of the workshop.


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