On May 18 and 19, the ECODISTR-ICT consortium gathered for the third project meeting since its start in VITO’s offices in Antwerp. As the project will reach its halfway point at the end of May, the meeting was a good opportunity to give a progress update and to prepare for the mid-term review with the European Commission in August.

Day one of the meeting started with a warm welcome from the main coordinator Han Vandevyvere from VITO, followed by a brief overview of the project status by the technical coordinator Stijn Verbeke. This first day namely provided the opportunity to present the latest version of the ECODISTR-ICT Integrated Decision Support System (IDSS). Then partners used parallel sessions to discuss topics related to their activities (e.g. the development of the IDSS and the testing of the IDSS in the case studies).


Day two consisted of two parts: in the morning, a formal project board meeting was held, where the consortium discussed about important content-related themes. The ECODISTR-ICT parnership namely agreed on strategic statements, which will facilitate the project results’ exploitation. For example, it has been approved that one of ECODISTR-ICT’s key results is an IDSS for urban retrofitting that will be composed of modules, mathematical models, a data warehouse, data collection tools, a communication layer and a visualisation interface. Besides, the IDSS’ innovative aspect is its linkage of building and district scale levels, and the multi-stakeholder decision support.

In the afternoon, Pieter Van Den Broeck and Björn Bracke from OMGEVING organized a bicycle tour for the ECODISTR-ICT partners through the Kiel neighbourhood (one of the ECODISTR-ICT’s case study areas), the river Schelde and the city centre of Antwerp. During the bike tour, Pieter and Björn took the opportunity to introduce the study for the Ringland project (a study where VITO and OMGEVING contributed to).


In summary, the ECODISTR-ICT consortium had a very fruitful meeting. Some partners combined this meeting with a meeting in Delft on 19th-21st of May, where they organized a hackathon to prepare for the release of the first prototype of the IDSS at the end of May.

The consortium is now looking forward to the workshop in Rotterdam on 30th June, where for the first time the IDSS will be used in a live session with stakeholders.

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