Christina Wikberger is a Project manager in the Environment and Health Administration of the City of Stockholm.

Christina Wikberger is the project coordinator of the Vinnova challenge-driven innovation project C/O City – concerning ecosystem services in urban areas. The purpose of the C/O City project is to maximize benefits to society in the urban development by the creation of concrete solutions for the use of ecosystem services .

Christina is a system ecologist and has previously worked as a sustainability consultant. She is also involved in the environmental profiling of the district of Norra Djurgårdsstaden (Stockholm Royal Seaport), a large area of central Stockholm that is undergoing brownfield redevelopment. The area consists of former harbours and industries. 10,000 dwellings and 30,000 workplaces will be developed in the area up to 2025. The project is part of the Clinton Climate Initiative.

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