Anna-Stina Bokander is an Urban Planner with a Master’s degree in Spatial Planning from the Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Anna-Stina has been working at the City Planning Office in Stockholm since 2004, mainly in the role of coordinator of The Stockholm Royal Seaport project. She has worked in the early stages of the planning process organization: parallel sketching competitions and external contacts. In addition, she has also worked on urban planning principles and their link with the environmental and sustainability objectives of the project. She has participated in the preparation of a report defining urban planning principles in the Stockholm Royal Seaport including environmental and sustainable objectives to offer a more complete document on sustainable urban development in the Stockholm Royal Seaport.

In the Royal seaport, Anna-Stina’s work has been both hands-on and representing the planning administration in the steering group of the project, working closely with the development administration and other external parties.

Since 2014, Anna-Stina is working as a Planning Administrator for the project Tyngdpunkt Farsta: an extensive development of the area of Farsta with a doubling of the number of households. Farsta is pointed out in the comprehensive plan of Stockholm as a so called Strategic development node – i.e. dense nodes for urban development in the suburbs with housing, commercial and social services. Being planned in the 50’s as an ideal modernist, car oriented suburb Farsta is now changing towards a dense, mixed use area where walking, biking and public transport are prioritized.

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