On the first of December 2014, the ECODISTR-ICT project organized the Urban Renovation event which took place in Valencia. The second session addressed urban renovation case studies and related research projects such as the ELIH-MED project presented by Laura Soto from Valencia Institute of Building.

The ELIH-MED project focused on the energy efficiency of low-income dwelling in the Mediterranean countries. ELIH-MED recognized the importance of accompanying refurbishment projects with awareness-raising campaigns, so that inhabitants understand the challenges of the project and the benefits they can draw from it. Those campaigns are also needed at the regional level (e.g. towards municipalities, regional government, etc.) and at the national level.

ELIH-Med ran from April 2011 to December 2014, partners from 7 countries covering the whole Northern Mediterranean (MED) seacoast were working together to improve energy efficiency and promote energy saving in low income housing (LIH) in the MED area.

Although the concept of “low income housing” varies from one country to another, it can be defined taking into account a representative sample of the targeted population which includes three different segments: a) owner occupiers and tenants of private housing with low income; b) households suffering energy poverty and c) tenants of traditional “social houses”.

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