January 20 to 22, the ECODISTR-ICT partners visited SP’s office for the Stockholm Hackathon event. The primary goal was to provide a joint effort in developing the decision support tool.

The main hackathon developers present at the event were SP, TNO, CSTB and StruSoft. However, the event also benefitted from the presence of technical facilitators: Carolina Hiller and Carl-Magnus Capener from SP, and Viktor from White.

The facilitators enhanced the interaction dialogue between the developers and future users, while supporting the introduction to the tool and assisting with the start up process, in the technical sense for the upcoming Stockholm case.

The hackathon’s main objective was to advance the communication protocol to the newly added features of the decision support tool. The new parts consisted of a data module, which is the interface to the support tool’s central database and design module. This module is intended to be used to create new alternatives.

The core foundation of these new modules, which are still under development, is to give the support tool a common data source that all modules can utilize. This will enable an intuitive way of creating new alternatives. The meeting was very productive with lots of in-depth discussions regarding the framework. In the coming weeks, any changes that were not completed during this event will be implemented as the team looks forward to a new smarter version of the decision support tool.

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