On November 16th, the ECODISTR-ICT partners visited the sustainable urban district Hammarby Sjöstad, at a walking distance from White’s headquarters, partner hosting the second project event: Sustainable Districts 2015.

The neighbourhood, a brownfield reconversion project, is a famous example of integrated sustainable urban design, combining state of the art urban planning with sophisticated ecological assets.  Energy, water and material cycles have been conceived in order to establish an ecologically responsive urban metabolism, for example by valorizing and optimizing all types of waste streams.  At the same time the project is an example of TOD – transit-oriented development.  From the outset the design aimed at reducing the environmental impact by 50% compared to an average 1990’s development.

Hammarby streams diagram

(Image Copyright: Hammarby Sjöstad)

Partners could enjoy an on-the-spot explanation by a collaborator of GlashusEtt, the neighbourhood’s information centre – but only after an official Ukrainian delegation had moved on.  As a matter of fact, Hammarby Sjöstad now draws visiting delegations from all over the world and confirms Scandinavia’s reputation when it comes to putting sustainability into practice in a straightforward, no-nonsense way.

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