The second meeting with the neighbours of Campanar took place in Valencia on Saturday, May 31st at the Senior Centre of Campanar.

The objective of the second session was double: to reflect and draw conclusions on the previous meeting, and to build proposals for a better neighbourhood.

The event lasted 4 hours, during which several working groups were established and assisted by a person of the workshop organisation. Each group elaborated a poster with proposals, which were presented by each team at the end of the workshop. Each participant voted for the most convincing proposal.

As a result, the most voted proposals were these two:

1. Finding our space. This proposal consisted on the transformation of residential building’s ground floors not only for commerce but also for residential uses, as well as on generating more public and open spaces and on making use of abandoned spaces.

2. Recover the sanitary use of “La Fe”. The hospital “La Fe” was located in Campanar before being relocated out of the city. The neighbourhood lost vitality, dynamism and jobs that generated this large health complex.

For this event, as well as for the first workshop, Bipolaire collaborated with the team Fent Estudi (, which coordinated the workshop successfully.

Below is a video summary of the workshop.


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