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  • FASUDIR & Ecodistr-ICT at SBE16

    FASUDIR & Ecodistr-ICT at SBE16

    Han Vandevyvere, the Ecodistr-ICT project coordinator, participated in SBE16 Torino on the invitation of conference co-organizer FASUDIR. FASUDIR and Ecodistr-ICT, being sister projects that are financed through the same FP7 funding scheme, keep open direct communication lines and assist to each other’s public events where appropriate for mutual exchange.…

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  • ECODISTR-ICT Stockholm Hackathon

    ECODISTR-ICT Stockholm Hackathon

    January 20 to 22, the ECODISTR-ICT partners visited SP’s office for the Stockholm Hackathon event. The primary goal was to provide a joint effort in developing the decision support tool.…

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